Charmcaster In New FormAge: Ben 10:15Ben 10 AF:21Ben 10 UA:22

A Member Of The Negative 10 And Was Raised By Her Uncle Hex
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|- ! colspan="2" style="background-color:#3366CC; color:#FFFFFF; font-size:120%; padding:1em;" | Charmcaster

|- | style="width:30%;" | First Appearance; | style="width:70%;" | Tough Luck |- | Age: | 15(Ben 10) 20(AF) 21(UA) 22(UA) |- | Relative's: | Hex(Uncle) Father Mother |- | Name: | Caroline(Used As A Name For Her In In Charms Way Later Announced By Her It Was Not Real Her Real One Is Unkown) |- | Groups: | The Negative 10-Zombozo's Group |}


Charmcaster Is A Villain In The Ben 10 Series

She Is A Master Magician(Like Her Uncle Hex Once Was)

Appearance's Edit

Ben 10

Tough Luck(First Appearance)

A Change Of Face

Dont Drink The Water(Cameo)

Ben 10 Vs The Negative 10 Parts 1 & 2

Ben 10 AF

In Charms Way

Time Heals

Ben 10 UA

Hit Em Were They Live

Where The Magic Happens

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